Fun Nite with Painting

Five years old, sitting next to my grandmother in her dining room. The sunlight gave a natural white light to the dining room through two tiles made from clear glass. A huge square 1 by 2 meter teak wooden table in the middle of the room. I sat in one of the chairs with my head only a few cm above the table. I looked at the white cotton fabric spread in front of my eyes. Holding a 2b pencil in my right hand, I drew pictures one by one. Sometimes, my small bare feet that hung freely from the chair made a small swing. It was a sign I was resting and trying to get an idea what to draw next.

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Gazing and Gorging in Dotonbori

When I planned to visit Osaka in September 2014, there’s nothing else I wanted to do except see hundreds of bright colorful neon lights in Dotonbori area. Some might argue that bright billboards are not uncommon in a big city. It’s true. I totally agree! But there’s nowhere else I can see super creative neon lights while having takoyaki. Classic!

Takoyaki is my favorite Japanese snack and originally from Osaka. Made of a wheat flour-based batter, this ball-shaped snack is crispy from the outside and moist half-cooked with small pieces of chewy octopus inside. Takoyaki comes with various toppings, such as Okonomiyaki sauce (taste like Worcestershire sauce), mayonnaise, dried green seaweed, dried bonito flakes and green onion. Cooked in a special takoyaki iron pan, takoyaki would taste better when it’s warm.  Continue reading

Chinese New Year Parade: the year of wooden horse

What is worth to enjoy in a parade? I will enjoy very much to see culture, characters of participants, people who watch the parade, formations, photographers for both hobbyist  and professional and definitely costumes worn by the people in the parade. Costumes always attract my attention.

On Sunday 2 February 2014, I dragged myself in the chilling morning to go to down town Vancouver with my husband and a friend to watch Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival 2014, an annual event to celebrate Chinese New Year. Continue reading

Beating the brrrrrr of English Bay

Hundreds or maybe thousands of the bravest (or craziest) residents of Vancouver dipped into the chilly water of English Bay on 1 January 2014. The Polar Bear Swim is an annual event in Vancouver. The Polar Bear Swim began in 1920 organized by the Polar Bear Swim Club. The cold water did not dissuade people to jump to the water. In fact, they had fun and wore interesting costumes. The air temperature in Vancouver was maximum 6.5 and minimum 3 degree Celsius this year. For the water temperature? I guess only God and the brave know it. Perhaps, plunging to the water can be the best way to kick out the hang over after partying the whole night celebrating new years eve. As for me, I was not brave enough to jump to the water. The least I can do was to capture the moment with my camera. Thanks to my husband who lifted me to take some of the pictures.

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A new year’s eve trip: to love and to laugh

Happy New Years 2014!

I still have few hours to go to welcome 2014. Friends from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, UK, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Zambia and South Africa already in their first day of 2014 and perhaps they are on bed by now after partying last night.

This morning, I had a chat with a friend from Indonesia. While I was greeting her with Happy New Year 2014, I shared her our story about our incredible and memorable trip in our New Years Eve 2013. We were on our way to Vancouver from Seattle. I would say it was a long day for us but it is always sweet to remember that day. Continue reading

Vintage Bicycle

Who’s the owner of this vintage bicycle? No body was around. Perhaps the owner took a break and had lunch after pedaling from home to the port. Or perhaps, the owner was some where busy unloading agricultural product from a boat to a truck in the Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta.

I took this picture on Sunday afternoon. It was sunny day in the port which means very hot and bright. I felt the sun was only a meter away from my top of my head. Crazzzzyyyyyy but surprisingly I managed to take pictures in the area.

Vintage Bicycle

Rocky Beach

Where else you can enjoy this beautiful view. Nowhere but Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia.

I stepped the iron stairs of the lighthouse with my clean and bare feet. You might now now think what is the relevance of climbing the light house and clean feet? To go to the top of lighthouse, all visitors have to clean their foot with water to keep the lighthouse clean.

On the top of light house, I enjoyed the 360 degree view of turquoise water and white rocks. The color of the water mix with other natural and non-natural elements. This makes everyone is able to capture the beauty of the landscape.

Rocky Beach